Sunday, February 25, 2007


Attraction is a very complex socioeconomic phenomenon. I really dig those last two words.

Attraction is basically defined as, “when somebody likes someone else, and that person doesn’t like them.” So you should stop worrying when that girl you want doesn’t like you, because it’s already in the definition of the word. When you like someone, by definition, they don’t like you back.

Oh, and when someone likes you, it’s not going to be really exciting for you.

Therefore, it makes it infinitely harder to date. A lot of people I know get around this problem through alcohol. I, myself, prefer another way: acquisition of desirable socioeconomic status. Because even if a girl doesn’t think you’re very attractive, at least she can go for the socioeconomic status. But I really don’t have a desirable socioeconomic status. In fact, it would be considered an undesirable socioeconomic status. So basically, that plan has failed. Sometimes I try humor. Because girls dig a guy with a good sense of humor. Which I don’t have.

Which concludes my explanation as to why I don’t date. And also the most times you have ever seen the word ‘socioeconomic’ used in the same paragraph.

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