Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cubicles (revisited)

Another stupid thing about cubicles is the fact that you hear every single thing the people next to you do. There’s a nice Asian lady who sits on the other side of me. Her phone has this nifty little ring to it—it sounds like the soundtrack to a fantasy movie or something. It bothered me at first, but now I just sing along. But I don’t dance to it, it’s really not a dancing tune.

She talks on her phone a bit, and it’s mainly in some other language. Maybe one day I’ll ask her what language it is, but maybe not. I can tell she’s kind of high strung by the tonalities in her voice when she talks in her mysterious language. There are some other guys I listen to who are around me as well, and they sound like decent guys. But I don’t actually know any of them, and would never pick them out in a police line up. But man, if they say one word, I can point them out.

“Yes officer, the man second from the right. He lives about twenty minutes away from work, without traffic. He hates being on call (whatever that is) in the evening. He’s good friends with the other voice on the other side of me, and sometimes talks to the woman, though mainly only talks to the male sounding voice. And he has this weird laugh that I never really understood how he misconstrued it to be a laugh. But rest assured officer, that’s him”

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