Monday, February 26, 2007

Diet drinks

Does buying a diet drink really do anything for you? If you like the taste, that’s one thing, but I want all people everywhere to stop thinking buying a diet drink will help them lose weight. Unless buying a diet drink involves huffing it up a mountain to buy from the Himalayan Buddha of Zen knowledge. Otherwise, your gain is minimal.

One of my buddies worked for McDonalds for a bit, and the thing he hated most? The following scenario.

“Um, I’ll take a number one (Big Mac meal), supersized please.” “What would you like to drink with that?” “Ummm…I’ll take a Diet Coke.”

If you’re buying a Big Mac, just drink the Coke. You’re already consuming like inifinity calories—you might as well go the whole way. The “Diet” part of that drink isn’t going to change the fact that you’re already MURDERING YOUR ARTERIES. Buy the Coke, enjoy the meal. Splurge. I mean, buying a Diet drink in that situation is kind of like staying at the Ritz and ordering peanut butter sandwiches from room service. You’re already spending your life savings on your room, just get the caviar. And enjoy it. And then give me some because I’ve never had it.

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Bruce said...

I had caviar at a Russian funeral a while back. It was disgusting. Just in case you were wondering.