Sunday, February 25, 2007


What I'm talking about here, is how you see things advertised as "limited production" or "limited time only". What do you think that means? It means the product or service is lousy. Why else is it limited? Have you ever seen a good, dirty, American capitalist pass up an opportunity to make a profit? So why would they stop making something that people liked?

Last night I saw something advertised as such. And what did I do? I skipped past the ad. Why would I be inclined to purchase something if I knew it stunk so badly that they won't make it anymore?

I can just see the ads the day after Edison's invention:

Limited Time Only!
Commemorative Limited Production Candles!

New England Exquiter Candles, inc., has just finished production of a limited time offer! Special commemorative candles for your candling needs. These candles are extra special, because only sixteen million were made in our wax factories. Normally these candles go for a sixpence, but you can get them here for a haypenny! Only a haypenny! That's right, purchase a piece of history for only a haypenny.

Get your special commemorative candles today!

Anyways, you get the point. Nothing that came limited production is worthwhile. Sure, maybe you'll start talking about some year of car, or some specific model, that is DEFINITELY worthwhile. Well, I tell you, they stopped making it. It obviously isn't that cool. And if it is, they make it cooler the very NEXT year! Amazing!

So they next time you hear someone touting the new "limited production" item, you can thank them for pointing out the uselessness of said item.

And on a separate note, if I see one more limited production coin ad, I'm going to flip out...

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MommaMcCarthy said...

wow, i did it! i officially read all of your blog posts.

now you know what it's like to be done with school...