Monday, February 26, 2007


1% milk is the way to go. It’s low in fat, tasty, has a wide appeal, and is just great overall. Whole milk is a little much. A&D enriched is probably better for you, but I can’t get into it. My one strong word of advice?


Skim milk actually glows blue. Have you seen it? You put it in a cup, and it has a blue aura. And it tastes terrible. If you’re going to all that trouble to save a couple fat calories, why don’t you just cut out a couple bites of ice cream or something? Trust me, just take the hit, and buy real milk.

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Hazel said...

i don't know if you fancy californians have a grocery store called smith's, but if so, i strongly recommend you sample their 'skim royale.' the name alludes to greatness, and the taste alludes to 1% (seriously, it tastes like 1% and is pure white in color). fit for a (quac)king.