Thursday, August 14, 2008

bikers in palo alto

bikers in palo alto, california, have but one thing in mind whilst biking: the permanent, constant need to get in front of other bikers in their path.

they accomplish this through a variety of ways; pedaling while standing, finagling their way to the front of queues stopped at stop lights, or my personal favorite, zipping through stop signs to pass the poor suckers who slow down, or, heaven forbid, stop.

relative speeds of other bikers are completely irrelevant to the bikers of palo alto. grannies with beach cruisers will edge out all comers at stop lights to be the first ones off the blocks, forcing the spandex-clad road bikers to pass them on the open road, where the hard-core spandexers typically outpace the grannies by a factor of thirty.

it's a darwinian world in the world of palo alto bicycling. every day is a race to get to work.

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MommaMcCarthy said...

what i want to know is what's with all the logos? is there some rule that says in order to bike in PA, you must pretend like you have sponsors? i mean, come on... it makes biffing it that much more embarrassing, if you ask me.