Tuesday, August 19, 2008

communicating with children

Communication with children is designed to decrease the average individual's intelligence until the point where the individual is on par with burning sea weed.

My niece called me this morning from my sister's phone, and I answered, "hey Bekah!" To which my niece responded, "no, this isn't Bekah!" At that point, I felt my brain draining through my nostrils, and I was constrained to say, "oooooh, boy, you tricked me!"

"You tricked me"? Am I a 90 year old man? Shall I buy a cane? I remember being ten and having adults talking to me, and me thinking they were the oddest people. They liked snow globes, smelled like rusty peppermint, and said things like, "oooooh, boy, you tricked me!"

From the tone in her voice following that comment, I could tell that she took me as a Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth. The rest of the conversation just went downhill from there.

From everything I've seen, the problem is fairly widespread, and I'm certain children everywhere have lower opinions of adults for this very reason.


Julie said...

And then when you, heaven forbid, try to talk to them like adults, other adults say "Don't talk to them like that. They don't understand." How are they ever to learn?

MommaMcCarthy said...

it's like how i always told myself i would NEVER tell my nieces and nephews "wow! you've gotten so big!" but then that's ALWAYS the first thing i want to say when i see them.

someone should come up with something better.