Tuesday, August 19, 2008

___ - gate

pop quiz:

what do you do if you're a reporter with below-average intelligence, and you come across a scandal?


call it -gate.

the most enduring, painful legacy of Richard Nixon has been the constant affiliation of scandals with the word gate. every scandal now must be a gate. we started with Watergate. then we moved on to whitewatergate, and now have a plethora of gates.

last night, while I was watching the Olympics, a reporter spoke on "birthdaygate", referring to the Chinese government's alleged manipulation of gymnasts' ages. FOR THE LOVE! I mean, don't get me wrong, that is heinous and absurd, and against the Olympic spirit, BUT BIRTHDAYGATE MAKES NO SENSE.

please, people! can we come up with a better term? must every scandal be a derivation of gate?


Katie said...

I think this is HateGate 2008.

(See what I did there, see how it rhymes? NICE.)

jeremiah said...

Right there with you buddy, I HATE it when there is another -gate. I keep thinking we'll run out of words that have gate tagged on the end. Or what happens for example if the scandal involves water?