Tuesday, August 19, 2008

utah sports teams

sadly, I don't know much about sports, or I would be much more inflammatory in this post, as I could actually talk trash about teams. or, in Utah's case, teamzz. that'zz right. during the 90zz, it was a requisite for every Utah sports team to incorporate a double z in the name. this led to a New York Times sportswriter Alan Schwarz to claim Utah was "the state where sports fans go to get their Z's."

I lived in Utah at that time (since moved to California), and I recall the following teams:

Jazz - basketball
Grizz - hockey
Starzz - women's basketball
Buzz - baseball
Freezz - indoor soccer
Blitzz - soccer

and wikipedia informs me there was yet another blight on our collective soul; the Catzz, an indoor football team.

I really can't think of anything informative to say, other than to quote my old boss: that's bat#@$@#$ insane. he always did have a way with words.

and if you're wondering why I bring this up now, it's because I couldn't blog about it back then, and boy was I annoyed. please. there are plenty of reasons to make fun of Utah already. we don't need any more.

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jeremiah said...

thiz haz to be a top favorite pozt of mine. i think you should change the title to "utah sportz teamz". but maybe i'm over-stepping my boundaries...uh boundariezzzzzzz.