Sunday, November 30, 2008

judge thy neighbor

Not too long ago, after a time of trying to be a better person, I took a step backwards and invented one of* my most successful** games. Thus was born Judge Thy Neighbor.

Judge Thy Neighbor is an easy game to play. There are no rules, no points, no scoring, no point, and no real reason to play aside from unadulterated sarcasm. The game plays as follows: see someone, then make the most ridiculous judgment possible based on shallow, superficial factors.

For example, suppose you see a young man driving a BMW. An acceptable response would be: "He's driving a BMW. His parents probably gave that to him because he's a spoiled sissy rich kid."

Suppose you visit a house with a large television: "They must not be smart enough to read."

Suppose you see a man wearing Oakley's: "He must think he's better than everyone else because he's wearing expensive sunglasses."

And thus it goes. I'd refrain from any truly mean-spirited comments. But it can make for some fun times.

*And by "one of", I mean "only"
**And by "most successful", I mean "the only game I'm not hideously ashamed of telling anyone about"

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