Tuesday, December 9, 2008

the law of donkeys

The other day I was casually watching a youtube clip of a donkey dangling from its harness, and was halfway into an email sending it to my brother before I realized something:

I was that older relative who sent around lame jokes to all hapless friends, family, or minor acquaintances who have the bad luck of having a known email address.

"How did this happen?" I pondered the question for a few minutes. It didn't take me long to figure it out. I am currently supremely un-busy.

Busy people don't laugh at donkeys. And they certainly don't go around sending said donkeys to their neighbors. But un-busy people do. And they do it a lot. And they do it overestimating the reaction it will get from said neighbors.

I believe the function looks like this:

And this shall be known as the law of donkeys.

So take my advice: the next time you're about to send a clip of a suspended donkey, please take a moment to ponder how busy you are the moment. If you're really busy, chances are you're in the clear. If you've been picking your toenails and blogging about larva you found in your crackers to keep yourself busy, you may want to rethink that whole spamming thing.


Jerkolas said...

Goodness you made me have the same self inspecting realization. I'm going to get to work now.

MommaMcCarthy said...

please tell me you made that graph in matlab

THAT, my friend, points to too much spare time...