Tuesday, February 10, 2009

bluetooth headsets

Thank goodness for bluetooth* headsets.

There used to be a time in which people couldn't walk around and talk out loud to themselves. People would cruelly call us "strange" or "weird" or "crazy". But no longer. Now we pretend to have bluetooth headsets.

I'm completely at leisure to talk wherever I go. I can mumble, I can hum, I can suddenly start screaming, and avoid all of the social stigma by directing any noise into a fictional headset. Should it become apparent that I don't actually own a bluetooth headset (I'm wayyyy too cheap for that), I pull my hoodie over my head and jabber away.

Today I caught a girl doing just that. She was on campus, walking around, talking away into thin air, with her hood pulled, assuming everyone would know that she was on her bluetooth headset. Right. She can't get me to fall for that trick. I MADE that trick.

Bluetooth headests are also useful for talking to people, without pressing your cell phone to your head--your cell phone which was specifically designed to produce pain when pressed against an ear. I mean, phone designers back in the fifties understood that people put these things against their ear, and designed appropriately. What do we have today? Spikey metal things. Jerks.

*Every single time I typed 'bluetooth', I first typed 'blootu...', and deleted and started over.


Thamina said...

You are hilarious!

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