Sunday, November 29, 2009

the himmelskibet

Far up within the frozen north
beyond where many sally forth
there lies a monster to be won
far from the reaches of the sun

In shining ice it wields its arms
reflecting screams and pains and scars
the HIMMELSKIBET, it was named
by Norsemen, from whose toils it came

The beast was wrought of steel, they say
and stands five hundred feet this day
a score of men it flings away
e'er flirting with an icy grave

It catches them inside its grasp
and circumambulates the mast
a dozen times they glimpse while swing
the capital of Danish kings

But only men of honor dare
to challenge gravity in air
for death awaits them, ever near
with pointy teeth, and frightful fear

I was not one to shy away
for death could come on any day
and so, when unsuspectingly,
I faced it, I went willingly

In truth, we meant to find the ride
that roamed a man-made mountainside
but signs are hard to understand
when trav'ling in a foreign land

So at that place called Tivoli
my boss and I queued timidly
we did not care its heights to face
but would not leave and find disgrace

And thus it was, and so it passed
we beat the beast and held on fast
a thousand metal demons roared
we laughed them off; away we soared

Our children will hear of our deeds
of how we rose above the pleas
of those too sissy to ascend
and shouts of HIMMELSKIBET! lend


megan said...

Bravo, Brother. Bravo.

Chris said...