Saturday, December 5, 2009


Singing is a heartwarming way of expressing that which cannot be expressed with words. Music is the voice of the soul, as they say, and singing is a way to express the feelings of your soul.

Singing is typically done as an expression directed towards others, and can be done in a large group, or with just a few individuals. Many excellent singing performances can be heard by quartets, trios, duets, and yes, even soloists can have amazing depth and passion in their voice.

If, however, you do not desire to perform, singing can be done in the privacy of one's own shower or home.

Though there are guidelines on breathing, and agreement on the general acceptability of actually staying within a reasonable range of the desired note, there are no hard rules about singing, save one:

If you are singing to yourself, you must, in fact, be by yourself.

To elaborate for one moment, this would mean singing whilst walking on a busy city street1 puts you in the same category as asylum inmates, people who torture small animals, and people who pretend to be ducks. Singing whilst riding public transit, again, is not socially acceptable in any way. Sorry. Singing while standing next to me on a rail platform is especially strange, and I reserve the right to pummel you senseless with my backpack should you ever do that again, you psycho crazy lunatic.

When abiding by this rule, please be aware that though you may think you are alone, oftentimes this is not actually the case.

For instance, let's imagine a hypothetical situation in which you move to a new city and rent a one bedroom apartment. Furthermore, in abiding by the one diamond-studded rule of singing, you first secure your premises, then begin singing in the shower with impunity. And possibly while cooking. And then just whenever you want. And maybe accompanying said singing with some verbal commentary. This commentary might include quacking.

Then, let us introduce a new character to this situation: the next-door neighbor. Suppose you meet this neighbor, and she looks at you extremely strangely, and might have a bit of fear and/or amusement in her eyes. She may act like you belong in an institution of some sort.

At first glance, you might be confused at why she would act this way. But, hold on. Towards the end of this hypothetical situation, let her move out of the apartment next door, and have a couple move in. On their first night in the apartment, note how clearly you can hear their voices through the walls. Especially through the shared bathroom wall.

Singing is an excellent way of making friends.

1. There is, of course, an exception for people involved in the noblest of professions: performers in musicals.

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