Sunday, July 25, 2010

a boring communicative post

Communicative? Who likes communicative? I've based my entire life around my inability to communicate things clearly, concisely, or in any sort of logical grouping.

I am already aware that I love to talk about myself, so just know that I'm desperately trying to keep this as short as possible. Skip this if you're looking for humor. In fact, my ex-girlfriends would likely say skip this entire site if you're looking for humor, but let's not get into that discussion now.

Dearest readers, I know I insult most of you regularly, but let me state here that I love every single person that reads this publication (please: I despise the term blog). So thank you for your kind words of support and occasional insults.

Two things for the day. Well, three.

First off, I'm going to implement a more stable posting arrangement. I think I'm going to target Monday afternoons as posting time. I've been pretty good about posting on weekends, but I worry that I get lost in the weekend traffic, so I'm going to try for a Monday early afternoon arrangement instead. So apologies for the wait this week. If you happen to read this on Facebook, let me take this time, yet again, to insult Facebook and deride the Facebook Note deal. It sucks crap. It routinely imports my posts a week or more late.

Secondly, I am compiling a selection of these posts into a book, which I'm currently calling The Complete Guide to Everything, Volume One. This name is probably trademarked somehow, and I'll likely get sued, but since I have no money, that doesn't bother me. Your first question is likely, "why would anybody buy a book of blog posts?" and my answer is, "I have no idea; people buy all sorts of weird things, so why not books?"

I actually don't know that said book will ever be anything more than a self-published article of derision, but it will exist. By announcing that here, I'm forcing myself to actually do it. I'll convert the posts to a better format, then re-write them, expand them a bit, and hopefully make it a thing of its own, instead of just a copy of this site. You can see a first cut of this process in the current first chapter, lunch.

Thirdly, if you happen to have feedback or suggestions, I welcome them. For example, I'd love to hear which posts you like, so I can include them in the book. If you have other things to say, feel free. Well, mostly feel free. If you think this whole thing sucks, feel free to email somebody else and laugh behind my back, but be sure to laugh out of earshot.

That's all for now. I'm desperately trying to write an entertaining post for tomorrow. Right now it's a toss-up between making fun of bad drivers or small children.

Thanks for reading!

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Jess said...

If you don't get an email with a list of my favorite posts within the week feel free to not love me anymore and track me down to get said list (because you know I have one).

The complete guide to everything helps me to survive, how could I live without it?