Friday, September 24, 2010

a sonnet for my beloved

Written1 by my brother2 for his wife. Posted here with permission.

Shall I compare thee to the number Six?
Thou art more perfect than perfect numbers.
Seven is a fine prime that One may pick
But thy primeness doth outshine all others.

Eight is Two cubed, Nine is Three squared; and yet
Infinitely more special thou again
Hast proven. All the records thou dost set
For thou art an Eleven out of Ten.

Thy natural beauty doth far exceed
That of the natural number system.
Pythagorean triples, rare indeed;
Rarer still thy intellect and wisdom.

God the integers created 'tis true
But His finest work He did save for you.

1. He posted this on their private blog, and I laughed and laughed, and had to share. Please comment and tell him how amazing he is so I can beg him to write more here.
2. He may be smarter, funnier, and more successful than me, but I have blue eyes. Take that.


jon-michael said...


Amy said...

Love it! Clever, well-metered, romantic.

Layne said...

I would like to commission him to write a federal grant proposal in rhyme for me. I need it by October 12th.