Thursday, November 25, 2010


Today is a day for giving thanks.

I am thankful this is not the year I forgot to take the giblets and neck out of the turkey prior to cooking. I suppose the turkey makers are too lazy to throw out the neck and giblets themselves, so they make us poor souls do it for them. Incidentally, this caused the turkey to cook to less than safe temperatures. Fortunately, no one got sick.

Speaking of sick, I am thankful this it not the year that half the family got food poisoning because the stuffing inside the turkey was not done properly. I am solidly in the "do not stuff anything intended to be eaten inside the cavity of a cold, dead fowl" camp.

I am also thankful that this is not the year we had eight people to our tiny one bedroom apartment. Said invitees included two missionaries, an LDS lad with his non-LDS girlfriend, and a tattoo artist. It was actually quite fun, but rather crowded.

I am thankful this is not the year that I have to drive to Plymouth crammed in the back seat of a friend of my brother, listening to make-you-feel-uncomfortable music, only to end up eating a turkey dinner at a restaurant that cost way more than it was worth and most likely could have been had in Boston without the drive. Alas, there is only one Plymouth rock (and it is tiny).

Finally, I am thankful my current employer does not give us the day after Thanksgiving off because it really character building to work on days when nearly the entire American population is at home asleep (or shopping on Black Friday).

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