Sunday, December 12, 2010

Company sports

We had our work holiday party last week. It happened at the most obvious place for a work holiday party. We had it at a bowling alley.

The connection between bowling and the holidays is crystal clear. That's not to say that I myself understand the connection. However, all of my bosses must. I have been in the "workforce" for precisely eight holiday seasons in various capacities and companies, and the work Christmas party has been held in a bowling alley exactly six times.

One of my great fears has been to win the holiday bowling party. I don't want to be known as a guy that's good at bowling. I've seen kids beat up for less.

Other than work holiday parties, I have probably been bowling four times; however, this puts me above average on the company bowling skills spectrum, so I knew I had a chance. As luck would have it, my randomly assigned partner had also been bowling before. Since we were able to keep the ball out of the gutter most of the time, we ended up winning the tournament.

Oh the embarrassment! I can just imagine walking by my coworkers. "Nice job winning that bowling tournament! (snicker) And is that a 'kick me' sign on your back?"

Winning the bowling tournament on its own would be bad enough. But it just so happens that my victory at the bowling tournament came right on the heels of my victory in the annual company ping pong tournament. That's right, ping pong! Is there a nerdier sport?

As you can imagine, my social standing at the office has increased dramatically.


chris said...

"I've seen kids beat up for less."


Marie said...

at larson, we were all expected to go on a golf outing for an afternoon or continue working. oh the embarrassment! but I'd rather be embarrassed than work four hours.

Lucy said...

I doubt that it's only been four times. I know we used to bowl at the 49th Street Galleria multiple times when T & I would stay at your house. I can't say that any of us were GOOD but I'm pretty sure we bowled a ton and abused their all-day passes that they quit selling because of people like us.