Thursday, January 20, 2011

Reflections on pregnancy and child birth

Megan gave birth last Friday to our second child, a boy named Ezekiel. Here are some of my thoughts about the experience.

Like a turkey

Wouldn't it be nice if pregnant ladies had a little thermometer in their side that would just pop when they were in labor? Kind of like how you know your turkey at Thanksgiving is done. No more guessing when to call the neighbors to watch the kids, no more trying to decide if the contractions are close enough together. Just a little pop of the thermometer, and off to the hospital you go!

Like a kangaroo

Whoever came up with this human delivery thing could have spent a little more time in the design phase. Pushing a full term baby through the pelvic cavity? There's got to be an easier way. How about the baby gets to the size of a baseball then spends the rest of gestation in a pouch on the mom's tummy? Those kangaroos, I think they are on to something.

Like Mary Poppins' carpet bag

You know that part on Mary Poppins when she gets to her room and starts unpacking? That's kind of what child birth is like. I don't want to gross any one out or ruin the surprise for the uninitiated, but the doctor pulls out a baby, a placenta with umbilical cord, and a small country. And you just have to stare and wonder, "How did that all fit in there?" This is the miracle of child birth.

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