Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ode to Syrup

It's Saturday morning;
For sugar I'm aching.
I've had none since last night,
My fast I'll be breaking.

But how shall I do it?
With donuts? Or Froot Loops?
Some narsty Bran Raisin
That's famous for two scoops?

But lo in the fridge we've
Something more efficient
For vast sugar intake,
and very delicient.

Its two parts of sugar
And one part of water
Keep addicts returning
Like me and my daughter.

It should not dissolve but,
While in the Creation,
A process was made called

I pour you all over
My pancakes with care;
With waffles, I ask that
You fill every square.

Sometimes I will cheat and
Pour you on my sausage,
Eggs, bacon, and toast; and
My heart will then stoppage.

We get our fix early
At the breakfast table
We eat the whole bottle
Then lick off the label.

Americas North and
South, Asia and Europe,
All over the world we
Shall reach for the syrup.

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