Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Reasons to believe you are sleep deprived

  1. Your son has a respectable showing in his diaper but you let him sleep in it because he finally fell asleep.

  2. You sit and wonder why the pacifier won't go into the baby's mouth until you realize you have been trying to insert it in the nose, or the chin, or sometimes the ear.

  3. You realize it is now useless to set your alarm because, no matter how early you set it, you will probably be up anyway.

  4. You and your spouse have a substantial argument at two in the morning, and neither of you remember what it is about the next day. Actually, you and your wife never fight. You just...disagree. Heatedly.

  5. You fall asleep constantly in class. Oh wait. You always fall asleep in class. Especially MBA classes.

  6. Your son spits up all over his outfit and wets through his Onsie, but you let him stay that way because he finally fell asleep.

  7. When he won't fall asleep due to a messy diaper, instead of moving yourself two feet to the changing table, you change the poopy diaper right there in the bed, throwing caution to the wind.

  8. Your mother-in-law comes to visit AND you enjoy it. Just kidding! You always enjoy a visit from your mother-in-law. You just enjoy it even more when she is there to help with new children.

  9. Your son falls asleep on his tummy, which is frowned upon by 99% of pediatricians, and those pediatricians obviously never had kids like yours that hate sleeping on their back, or they just don't have kids, but you let your son stay that way because he finally fell asleep.

  10. You realize you would be willing to sell your birthright for a six hour block of uninterrupted time at night.


Amy said...

Looking forward to it already.

Aroura said...

Sleep? What's sleep? It's higly overrated anyway!

MommaMcCarthy said...

ha. we just always place our kids on their tummy initially because, what kids sleep comfortably on their backs? (unless in a moving vehicle. let's be honest...) my favorite is that my kids both sleep in a sleepsack that has embroidered on it "back is best". haha.