Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sugar Cereal

My last post on epidurals generated much controversy. Today I will tackle something even more controversial: the definition of "sugar cereal".

Indeed, this is more controversial, because unlike epidurals where my wife and I agree, my wife and I have widely different views on our definitions of "sugar cereal". In fact, they are polar opposites.

My wife takes the view that anything with sugar in it is a "sugar cereal". This means that everything is a sugar cereal except things like Grape Nuts, Weetabix, and Fiber One. These, of course, are three of the narstiest cereals known to man (not a coincidence).

On the other hand, I take a far more liberal approach in my definition: anything that contains an ingredient other than sugar is not a sugar cereal. That pretty much means that the only sugar cereal on this planet is Capn Crunch. It is also the crunchiest. I know this because the Soggies are never able to get to the Capn, no matter how hard they try.

So my wife and I are at odds on this issue. She will ask me not to eat half the box of a sugar cereal in one sitting. Due to my definition though, this only applies to Capn Crunch. So I will eat half a box of, say, Lucky Charms, and, in addition to really horrible tasting after-burps, I will get an evil look from my wife.

Maybe if she grew up with seven siblings, she would be a little more competitive when it came to getting her share of the "sugar cereal".1

1.This post was written while my daughter slept and my son was nursing. Who says men can't multitask?

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Josh Bingham said...

When asked once why I loved my Freshman year of college so much, I once replied, "Cause I could choose ANY cereal I wanted!" Funny post, thanks for sharing.