Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Online ads

Online advertising is a real joy. For some reason, I have been blessed to have this picture following me around lately:

This image is accompanied by something like, "If you owe less than $729K, the government may pay you up to $5000 to make your mortgage payment."

(Let me pause here and ask: Why is it that whenever I see a terrible ad online, it is always for mortgages? I refer, for example, to the woman-dancing-in-four-frames-repeated-endlessly and old-man-with-tongue-sticking-out ads. Now back to our featured ad.)

Like most ads with a woman in a bikini, the connection between the picture and the product being sold is obvious. She is a down-on-her-luck marketing executive, and she has been having trouble with her mortgage.

She decides to go on one last vacation before her finances implode. She purchases a bikini in preparation. And frankly, she probably had to highlight her hair, since most "blondes" aren't really blonde.

Meanwhile, he is clearly a super popular and suave tax accountant, like most accountants I know. He takes regular walks around a romantic mud hole near his neighborhood, always with his shirt off.

This romantic mud hole just happens to be where our down-on-her-luck marketing executive has chosen to vacation with her bikini. They meet, and she can't help but confide in him. "If only there were a way the government would pay me up to $5000 to make my mortgage payment", she says breathlessly.

And that picture is taken right as he is about to tell her that there IS a way, as long as she owes less than $729K.

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