Wednesday, July 20, 2011

things which inhibit your ability to be taken seriously at work

Showing up after a "short" bike ride into the office in which you "did not expect to sweat", and if you did, you theorized "nobody would notice", and, well, um...let's just say it all ended with me being surrounded by people shocked and slack-jawed.1

1. Note to self: stow extra t-shirt in office in the event yours is completely drenched.2
2. Note to self: do not publicly reference your finely-tuned ability to sweat ever again.


Aroura said...

: )
At least, being a guy, you're expected to sweat. It's far more embarrassing for girls. . . Not that I would know from personal experience, of course. I neither sweat, nor belch, nor do anything that is not completely and utterly feminine.

Shelle said...

Chris, your fortitude in the face of adversity is inspiring - and that sounds positively mortifying.

Being taken seriously, though... how long have you worked there?