Thursday, July 21, 2011

workplace showers

One of the nice things about my new job is that there's a shower in the office.

Of course, there was a shower in my last office too, but it didn't include the see-through shower door pointing directly into the men's restroom so your co-workers could appreciate your finely-tuned physique while they wash their hands.1

The one downside to our shower is that the water is piped up directly from the pits of hell, which means, sure, you can shower, but you're not guaranteed to have skin when you finish, or even maintain the ability to father children.


Pro tip: Memorize the exact position of the shower gel you intend to steal so you can replace it without alerting the owner to your theft.

1. Which reminds me of an amazing story involving two women, a U-shaped apartment complex, an ignorance of the true shower window transparency, and some really excited male neighbors. Unrelated note: I believe in a statute of limitations on sworn secrets. Sorry. At least I didn't name names.

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LRH said...

Lyman is U shaped...
Speaking of showers, my sister sent this to me last year. It is entertaining!