Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Britt: Why do you put deodorant on your chest??
Me: It's perfectly normal! Look (pointing at the illustration on the can), I'm putting it on exactly like this guy!
Britt: Congratulations, you can put deodorant on as good as a functionally literate person.
Me: I'm mumble...functionally...mumble...literate...mumble.
Britt: Oh, it looks like he's using it as a body spray.
Me: (Just now learned about the concept of body spray) Oh...yes...that...was...my...idea.
Britt: Honey, deodorants have actual chemicals that kill odors when you apply it in the right places.
Me: Wait a minute, are you saying I smell bad?
Britt: (awkward pause) ...ask me no questions...1

1. Suffice it to say, my deodorant application methods have since changed.


brittney perry said...

you smell good, honey. all the time.

jeremiah said...

megan makes fun of how i put on deodorant too. i like to pull my elbow in and rub my arm back and forth in an attempt to evenly distribute the chemicals that kill odors in order to maximize the chance the odors are killed. apparently this is very weird, and very funny.

Kimball said...

As a stick deodorant user, this took a bit of reading to finally make sense.

Jess said...

hahahahahahaha....love it!